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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I have feelings....

....too, and my feelings matter.

That's something you might hear someone say to you from time to time.  Or perhaps it's something you say to them, or maybe you just think about saying that.

Anyway, it's been on my mind more than usual, lately.  I guess stuff that's happening in my world is probably not much different than stuff happening in your world, if we're talking about the "close to my heart" kind of world.  What might be happening in the big, planetary scheme of things is probably vastly different and even more important, I suppose. 

Just the other day I was informed by a friend that it's scary at night where they live.  They might lock their doors and have dogs to sound the alarm when bad things are about to happen (and they do happen on a regular basis), but they never really know that it's safe to go to sleep and dream pleasant dreams.  How can they live that way?  They get up in the morning and manage to be relatively cheerful and brave and go about their day very effectively.  I'd be terrified.  It's an injustice, their having to live like that, and it seems that there's no recourse for them and no one to make it different at this point in time. 

What about Syria?  We've talked about that before.  Or what about people who have chronic illness, even to the point of terminal disease?  How do they manage their "story" and get by each and every day, feeling like it's worth it to get up in the morning and go about what business they might have yet to do in their life?  I admire people who have the courage to look on the bright side and seize their day and make a positive difference, but it has to be difficult. 

Oftentimes, the real, lasting difference that someone has made is merely a moment taken to have a hug or some conversation and reach out, giving some love to one who needs it. 

There were people in my life who did that very thing.  On two occasions, I had two separate conversations in two separate towns with two separate women had to do with one particular issue.  I needed to be reminded of something about myself, and it was obvious to them, and they let me know that my feelings mattered.  ;~)  That was a very long time ago, and both of these women have left this lifetime and are somewhere out there beyond my reach, but whenever they come to mind, I think how they took a little time to put their arms around me and say a few gentle words.  For that I am truly grateful.

I just hope that I can do that for someone, and that when they think of me, they'll be smiling.

Or laughing.  ;~D


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