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Sunday, July 21, 2013

So, I was on Facebook and....

....I was friended by someone in Europe and stopped by their wall to say hello.  As I was looking around, I came across a wonderful post with pictures of what someone else had accomplished.  Some hard work and creativity and environmental consciousness factored in to this project and they had shared about it all, graciously allowing strangers like me to have a glimpse inside their life.  I was reading comments of others, and sure enough, there were those who insisted on saying something critical and down-putting.  Happily, some nice folks came along to scold and add their two bits of encouragement to the original poster. 

Why can’t people assume the best and be positive when someone is sharing new ideas of something about themselves?  What makes a person come along and be the “wet blanket” or have something sneering or critical to say, anyway?  Honestly, I don't appreciate it when I post something I consider to be beautiful or happy and someone considers it their opportunity to be grumpy.  LOL!!!

Well, I had an incident the other evening, again on Facebook.  It’s become a fairly well-known fact that I am pro-President Obama.  I don’t like it when I post something about the POTUS or FLOTUS or present administration in the White House, and people come along and have nasty things to say.  No name-calling, please.  Go ahead and offer an idea that might conflict with mine or be more conservative than my liberal point of view, but don’t get profane or obscene and keep it light.  If it’s not time to get all controversial, then I’ll say something and invite you to back off.  Save it for your own post.  So, anyway, I had posted the meme that is pictured above, depicting the late Trayvon Martin’s attire being worn by President Obama.  This was posted on my wall in appreciation of what Pres. Obama had to say about Trayvon.  One person came along and offered an idea that I found interesting, and another person came along after that and started to discuss his ideas.  Person number 2 has been travelling the world with his son and oftentimes has some pretty critical things to say about the USA.  Oftentimes, expats are like that.  They get pretty verbal about what they don’t like “back home” and aren’t afraid to be scornful and downright anti-American.  Whatever.  I’m not one of those people.  When I travelled outside the USA, I missed it and was proud to call it home.  But that’s me, and I digress.  Anyway, the comments got heated and I vented my frustration at people coming along dissing the POTUS.  I vehemently IN ALL CAPS made my point and….you guessed it.  First commenter felt compelled to argue and get huffy with me.  I got huffy right back, and he told me off.  I told him off right back.  How did he retaliate?  He unfriended both me and my husband.  (boo hoo, eyeroll)  Just as well, because it’s not nice for single guys to tell off wives of married guys.  LOL!!!


Aren’t people funny?  Sometimes, not so much.  


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