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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday morning....

....and I'm sitting here at the desk drinking coffee.  It's not as good as when SGTex (my personal barista) makes it and brings it to me in bed, but it will do.  I made it strong and very black.  Or is it black and very strong?  It's hot, is what it is.  And it's hot outside, too.

I let the pups out into the back yard this morning and they ran around and had their conversation with Willie Nelson, the neighbor's gigantic bloodhound.  I say "gigantic" because Willie has been known to stand on his hind legs at the fence and look SGTex straight in the eye.  And bite.  Bless his heart, he's a good dog and is left on his own so much, he can't help himself.  He makes that bloodhoundish noise, whatever it is, when he's lonely, and he seems to be lonely most of the time.  Our two Havanese seem to get along nicely with him and they do keep each other company from time to time.

In other outdoor dog news, where there once was only one squirrel, now there are two.  That makes for a more interesting adventure for Sebastian, who is a regular on squirrel patrol.  Seamus seems to ignore them.  The reason I mentioned that it is hot out there is that I saw Seamus check out the bird bath for a drink this morning.  We have a lovely, old, concrete double-tiered birdbath under one of the pecan trees and it's quite picturesque.  The cuteness factor when he stands up and looks there for a drink is pretty darn high.  Anyway, the dogs are back in the house to cool off and wait for the mail carrier, and Willie is back being sad again.  I do think the Havanese really make his day.

Which brings me to what just might be my point, this morning.  Someone on Facebook posted about how what he had said to someone else in their own language (he and his son are globe-trotters) brought a big smile, and I thought about how wonderful that was.  It made her day.  Then someone else came along and posted about their day having been made by another's kindness, and I thought about how that really could be the point of getting up in the morning....making someone else's day.  We do like our day being made.  (Hey, that's a funny expression, isn't it?!  I'm thinking Clint Eastwood, here.  No, not quite.)

It actually is one of the many wonderful things that make my day when SGTex brings coffee.  There's quite a lot to that, and I won't go into details, but it gives me something nice to think about when he's gone to work for several days at a time and I'm here having my days made by my pair of little Havapups and friends in far away places.....

C'mon!  Go out and make someone's day.  Or, just stay in and do it right here and now.

As my Man says, "Fly, little electrons...."


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