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Monday, September 23, 2013

What my way cool friend Roy has to say....

Dear America:

Next time you want to give in to the natural instinct in all of us to hate others who are different... remember... all you hate is what you are. Americans have hated EVERYONE since this nation was formed. Irish hated Italians ...white hated blacks ...blacks hated Latinos... whites figured God told them to kill every Native American so they could take lands which did not belong to them ...Israel is doing the same thing now to Palestinians...

It's becoming popular for American right-wingers to hate Islam and Muslims.
I'm not interested at all in YOUR reasons for hating them.
There is NO reason to hate people you don't know.
You want to hate crazed, religious types?
You can find religious zealots in your own neighborhood ...today! Not too long ago ...four little girls were killed in a bombing in Birmingham by people who were sure God didn't want different people around, or at least God didn't want black folk to have religious and personal freedoms.

Here's the deal ...somebody hurts you or your family in a zealous attempt to rid the world of your kind ... destroy them. No argument.

But don't go around hating EVERYBODY because you can.
That is not the path to a more peaceful world.

I do not hate ... I used to. I hated anyone who picked on weaker persons.
I learned hate kills me first.
If your God tells you it's okay to kill people ...you're insane.
Time for all us "peaceful types" to take a stand to protect innocent people of all kinds.

Just don't play games.  You won't like the reaction.
Humanity is hooked on hate.

Roy C.

(I thought it would be good to share someone else's thoughts for a change.
Thanks, Roy.  You rock!  Shawn)

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