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Friday, November 15, 2013

That was a chicken?! I thought we were having turkey!!

Well, here I am and it's not like I've got this big thing I need to share.  I'm just sitting here at the desk doing some Facebooking and waiting for my husband to get home.  It's a beautiful day and the birds are singing outside the office window as if it were spring, but it's not.  Autumn has come to Texas and we're actually not going to mention how the roses are blooming all over town and things look rather green.  Not too many pecans on our trees, but there are a few and the squirrels have been busy as can be.

We've had another change of routine around here and I think I'll like it better not having the Mister working hours and miles away from home for several days at a time.  That's going to be better for me, and I hope it will for him, too.  I guess I wouldn't make a very good long-haul trucker's wife, heh heh.  Quelle surprise!!

No, I'm not the clingy, dependent "attention whore" type.  I just like having my Man around.  ;~)

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us here in America and people are starting to shop for the big day's meal.  I'm not sure what our schedule will be, but I have been making notes about the menu.  I'm a traditionalist, and I've fixed I don't know how many Thanksgiving meals, but it's still fun to pore over the recipes and get ideas and make lists.  I'm more the Barefoot Contessa than I am Martha Stewart in some ways, but it's nice to imagine emulating the best of both.

(Might as well face it, Shawn.  You're more apt to go totally Gordon Ramsay before we sit down to supper.)

Yeah, don't I know it.  This is what happens when I decide it's time to blog and I haven't a thing to say?!  ;~)


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