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Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Day 2014....

....for Raju, this precious elephant soul, seen here being cared for at long last.  Raju was captured as a baby 50 years ago and held by 20-some different owners, the last of which was a drug-addicted fiend who beat and mistreated him, keeping him in chains while he begged.

A year to the day this project to help him started, he has been rescued at last by Wildlife SOS heroes with the help of conservationists with a court order by the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department, he is now safe from abuse. When he saw that he was going to be released from his chains the tears ran down his face and he cried, along with those who were rescuing him from the hell he'd been living.

We are so glad to have had a small part in facilitating his release and will continue to send what support we can to make his life more comfortable, now that he is in good hands and getting medical care and in a loving environment.

Be blest, Raju. Rest and be restored.

Shawn & SGTex


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