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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Buddhist Holiday

April 28, 1253: The latter-day covenant of Buddhism is established.

On this date Nichiren founded the teaching of
Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, setting in motion the deliverance of humankind.

O Happy Day,O Happy Day...


"That great day in the morning..." http://www.nbaa.tv/Nichiren/lifeofnich.html


Michele said...

A happy day, indeed, my friend Tex!

With 3 other friends, my husband and I drove up in the early morning hours a viewpoint just below the observatory on Mount Wilson here in California. Already there were a small contingent of Nichiren believers, chanting the Daimoku and beating hand drums. They were led by a small man in priests' robes, whom we later learned was Bishop Kanai of Nichiren Shu. As the sun rose from behind the mountains to the east, Bishop Kanai led us in gongyo.

After the ceremony, we introduced ourselves to the gathered Nichiren believers and shared coffee and pastries. It was a beautiful, glorious morning. We vowed to return for next year's ceremony.

Michele said...

One of my friends who was there posted her impressions of yesterday's mountaintop ceremony on her blog. You might want to add a link to her blog entry on your blog.

She called it "Over the Hills and Into the Future."