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Friday, April 27, 2007

A Tree Grows In Texas

I always learn something new when walking with SGTex. He’s great about that, showing me and telling me about Texas, my “new world.” Today’s discovery was about mulberries. I had no idea they grew on trees! I guess I believed the song, and never thought that they’d grow on anything bigger than a bush. And here I am, a real fan of all things berry, having spent summer days in my youth out in the fields picking (and getting paid mere cents for what one now pays dollars, btw~but I digress...) As he sampled the fruit of the tree, he said that this is just the right time for it. You get not-so-ripe tart, and then you get darker, pretty-ripe sweet.

Needless to say, I’m totally thrilled to make the acquaintance of a new tree that bears delicious fruit. I mentioned “mulberry pie,” and he said “mulberry wine.” Of course, I’ve located what looks to be like a good source of recipes, and I can’t wait to unpack the baking pans and see what we can stir up!


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