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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The sky goes all the way down to the ground!

You don't get that much where I come from (the PNW). Around Puget Sound, the evergreen trees are pretty dense and at times seem more black (well, very dark green) than anything else. Beautiful things, they are, but they do tend to shed all over the place and after a spell of wet, wet, wet are wont to topple over onto people's fences, homes and the occasional car.

Still, I can't complain that I got to grow up somewhere between tall, dark forests and the deep blue sea. My "old home town" landscape is changing as it's being paved over, but not so very long ago the valley was mostly green. Come spring, the fields turned from yellow daffodils into red tulips and summertime brought on acres and acres of berries. Just recently I remember eating what I expected to be the "last Washington raspberries." I tell you, that was a moment for me. I confess I had to hurry and get on the phone to Tex, tearfully asking about Farmer's Markets in our town. He promised that we would find a market, that surely there would be berries... Silly girl that I am, it tasted a quite a bit sweeter, and comforted, I really savored that "last local raspberry."
I love that man.

I'm trading the tall trees and lush green for something I didn't know I longed for~ the marvel of seeing for miles and miles with nothing to stop that heavenly vista of a blue, blue sky that goes all the way down to the ground...
Photo by Alex Martinez: Possum Kingdom Lake, one of our many planned getaways

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