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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Crocodile Rock

This old Elton John tune just came on the radio and got me to thinking again about Atlanta, Idaho. When I saw this picture of The Hub, a flood of memories washed over me, and I actually had a pang of homesickness for the little town. Of course, I was never there in the snow. It was hot summertime whenever I visited.

The Hub was one of two businesses open in those days, the other being The Whistle Stop. It was where you went to use the radio (the only real means of communication with outside), could buy a few groceries or “fanny up to the bar” for a drink.

Leonard was the quintessential hillbilly, a very charming and friendly person. The Hub was his hangout above ground (his mine was a hole alongside a mountain road- I know, because I was there the day he'd over-imbibed and pulled the mine down in on himself. I'm not sure how long he laid there and yelled, until someone happened by and we got to come save him...)

Anyway, Leonard was always there to fanny up to the bar-any time of day, sometimes all day long. Music was always playing, and he really, really loved “Crocodile Rock.” It was dancing music to him, and if you appeared on the front porch or passed across his field of vision when it was playing, before you knew it, you and Leonard were dancing the croc rock. It happened more than once to me, lol.

Oh, and “Joy To The World.” That was another Leonard favorite. Not the Christmas version, either. I do have a couple of other Atlanta hillbilly stories, but for now, this will just have to do.

P.S. LOL. I almost forgot to sign this one...guess I could have let everyone believe it was SGTex up there dancin' w/ole Leonard... ;+)


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