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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day Mischief

I didn't think there would be anything about which to blog today. Really, there's not, except for the fact that I found this cute Maypole sketch and felt it must be put to some use, even this late in the day.

Actually, it was the best kind of morning (thank you, Sir). The day didn't really take a dip until the cyberfiends decided to wreak their havoc at my desk and have their evil way with the PC. I think we've gotten them whipped for the time being, so I'll just count on the last hour or so remaining calm, and we'll see what the morning brings.

I'm looking forward to the Nat'l Day of Prayer and having the chance to be with SGTex as he fulfills his responsibilities.

It's going to be a fine rest-of-the week. I'm absolutely sure of it.


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