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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Can't wait to celebrate....

...but pardon me, I just had to post some fireworks! Please feel free to apply this bit of pop and sizzle to whatever occasion you feel is appropriate. Believe me, there's hope and happy aplenty, more than enough to go around....

Enjoy your week!


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Michele said...

Hi Shawn,

What a great way to start the new week! Thanks.

Reading your tagline, I'm wondering. . . just where is the "heart" of Texas? I think you guys are in Abilene? Is that really the heart of Texas or does everyone in Texas think their town is the "heart"?

I have a blogging question, too. What is it like using Blogger?

This weekend, I set up a blog on the Human Relations Task Force's website using WordPress, and even though the installation instructions seemed complicated, everything went smoothly. It did take me awhile to tweak everything.

The default Template's comments wouldn't work right. The Header image kept repeating all the way down the page. Once I downloaded and installed another Template, things went smoothly.

I even downloaded some "widgets" and put up an event calendar.

Now my friend who is on both the Task Force and the Interfaith Council and also administers both websites thinks that the Council could use a change like this, too. So, I'm off to ask the Prez what she thinks.

Maybe I should start thinking about things to write and do a blog of my own. It's that writing part that's difficult.

There are now a bunch of new Religion links up on the RB if you are interested: A news article about SGI, an article about a Muslim girl, another about a Hindu temple, a CT link on Jesus in Archaeology, a CT link with a "simple question," a CT link to a poll on the 7 deadly sins, and 2 posts by Byrd on an all-day retreat at the zendo.