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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Big Happy Birthday To SGTex!!!!

Sasha was the first to give birthday greetings this morning....before daylight, lol. Actually, she (the Persian Pussycat) positions herself right between the bedroom and the kitchen. She can pretty well count on getting fed. I confess that I had to giggle (while feigning sleep!) this morning. She gave a pretty good performance and was breakfasting nicely, before SGTex had even made it back to bed! Work it, Sasha!!!

Anyway, there's a big chocolate cake waiting in the kitchen, minus two bare spots where we took finger frosting samples. It's almost too pretty to cut, but we'll probably manage to take a couple of slices to bed with us....

Wish I'd thought to get ice cream....


1 comment:

vegakitty said...

Happy Birthday, SGTex! There is absolutely no such thing as a chocolate cake that is too pretty to cut.

And then you dangle that cake in front of me, knowing that I'm up here in Oregon drinking my vegetable juice, which is a poor replacement for chocolate cake...tsk.