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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can't stop staring at our wedding rings....

Well, our rings came back today from Dallas and SGTex went out in the rain (!) to pick them up. They are *drop-dead-gorgeous* and we're very happy with them... A very nice way to brighten up the day!

I had an amazing, Texas-style birthday weekend. Roses, chocolate cake w/choco-covered-strawberries (that were massive!) and gifts. We shopped 'til we dropped, ate out, listened to live music at the coffee house (a song-writer of some fame was performing), and just had a great 3 days together. SGTex took the day off from work to help me celebrate (Thank you, Sir), and that means a lot.

There's catfish for supper tonight, so I'd better go see about that...


photo courtesy of tacomacc.edu (amish double wedding rings quilt)

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vegakitty said...

Is that going to be your wedding quilt? It's beautiful! My sister gave us a quilt for a wedding present. It's patchwork and the main design is a blue background with yellow flowers. It's also heavier than all get-out so we don't use it except for in the dead of winter.

Once you have your wedding, the next thing you'll know you'll be celebrating 5 years married, then ten, then 15, and then the rest of your lives. We're about to celebrate 11 years married, and the time has just flown. I'd love to go on our honeymoon all over again.