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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Did you ever...

...have a really, really weird dream? I mean, totally out of character for you and something so realistic and strange that it left you shocked and bothered for most of the following day? Well, sure you have. I did in the early hours the other morning, and I'm still shaking my head and wondering wheretheheck did that come from? How can one's mind go so far astray in the night? Bewildering to me, and I did an entire college semester independent study on dreams, rather than have to get up early during the winter and make it to class (awake) at 8 a.m. It was fascinating and very educational, I did well, but I can't recall anything from that study that could explain this. Then again, I seem to have other things going on regarding the subject of so-called dreams, soooo...Oh, but that's another blog entirely!!

We did something fun this weekend. In spite of being somewhat ill with URIs, we pulled ourselves together and went out to a nearby small town big deal flea market. I had a ball! Came back with some wonderful bird feeders (china cup/plate and cut glass) to use in the plants on our verandah. SGTex just put some grape nuts out there to coax the neighbor finches over. We also picked up some movies and watched one last night for "date night." I'm wondering, though...why do they call them "flea" markets? It's held every month in an old oak grove, so it was nice and mostly shady, filled with interesting sights and pleasant people willing to chat. I loved it!

And yes. There is a new Havanese puppy on the way. We're not quite sure how that happened. I guess the Cute Factor got the best of us. No, we're not rich, just totally mad for our little guy and can only imagine how 2 is going to be double-good-fun!

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vegakitty said...

I've had plenty of dreams that left me shaking my head. Had one yesterday, as a matter of fact, and since one of the main parts of the dream had to do with me going to the local Italian restaurant and getting take-out lasagna I've wanted lasagna ever since. I have to go grocery shopping this weekend, so I think I'll get the ingredients and make some.

So you're getting Sebastian a little brother? We're limited to 2 cats here, but if we weren't we'd have more since we're both cat lovers. Of course, when I first read that, my thought was, "A little WHAT?" As I recall, y'all are close to my age (50). I've occasionally wondered what George's reaction would be if I told him I was pregnant; probably turn his last few hairs white.