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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I don't know what to put here....How about "All's well that ends well," or something like that?

Isn't that a gorgeous flower? Blue Spider Gerbera. I'd love to have some of those growing in a pot on the verandah. I've discovered that it might be best to avoid starting things by seed, as the Finch Family from next door (Fred and Ethel) makes short work of anything we're trying to grow that way. It seems it's their policy to clean out the flower pot and then swing on the hanging baskets and burst into song...Singing for their supper, I guess ;^).

It's been one of those exhausting weeks, for various reasons. And we're already ready for next weekend to roll around, so have been making tentative plans--hah. Hopefully, the work week will go smoothly and quickly so we can get back to that R&R thing we pretty much missed out on this time, whew.

The big deal this week was finally deciding on red velvet wedding cake-- (What, we didn't *have* to buy a whole cake for taste-testing?) Hmmmm....Okay. Next time I'll forego the Mexican Mudslide and have it with black coffee, though. That was just way too good for my own good, IYKWIM.

Speaking of coffee, it's kahvi aika.



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