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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Texas-Styled Easter....

Happy Easter!

It's a fine, breezy holiday here in Texas, after a rainy night with some pretty exciting thunder and lightning. We'd gone out treasure-hunting yesterday and I confess I kept one eye on the sky when it was getting dark and threatening with the wind blowing pretty hard. SGTex was off in the distance with metal-detector and shovel seeing what could be found. The location is an old fort, pretty impressive, actually. I do think we'll be going back earlier in the day when the weather is calmer. About the only thing I discovered was what it sounds like when a rattlesnake feels cranky about the weather, hiding out under a not-nearly-distant-enough-for-me rock tucked next to a yucca!! I froze, made a slow, 360-degree turn and then backed politely away, LOL. The find of the day was a toy Easter egg, evidently lost at an earlier egg hunt that day, so it's something to add to our collection of found memorabilia. Next time it'll be a gold coin.... ;+) What else was impressive was the beautiful pastureland of the ranches and bluebonnets carpeting the roadside. It's really wonderful getting to live here in Texas.

Last weekend we went to see "Clue," and really enjoyed A's performance. After that we hit the road and headed out to meet J & I at an old ghost town. They met us there and we came home with Seamus (who gets carsick, btw, lol). He is a darling, and is getting along well with his big brother Sebastian and big sister Sasha. We're having fun and are completely enamored of these two special puppies.

This morning we discovered a pair of doves working on a nest just across the way, right out in the open atop one of the lights on the building next door. Talk about a bird's eye view, lol.

Have a wonderful holiday and a prosperous week!

Shawn & SGTex

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