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Saturday, January 2, 2010

A wonderful find...

We appreciate crystals as repositories of order. Experiments in origin-of-life chemistry have shown that an inaugural phase of evolution likely entailed the arraying of amino acids on the lattice of crystal faces. Molecular players fit just so along such scaffolding, establishing the sequences and rudimentary code for ongoing increase of order = beauty = gain and goodness...

No wonder folks imagine (or maybe they simply discern) that crystals influence/direct an "energy" (chi) to mystic efficacious effect. Such is our intuition on handling a nice, heavy mineral crystal from the Earth. It's like the wonderful law, profound and fundamental.

Shawn was looking for something Texas for her Facebook avatar and recalled that blue topaz is the state gemstone, whereupon she found this picture. It's just like her to creatively discover striking and meaningful images for this blog, but she really blew me away this time, for...

This is the very specimen my uncle Dick romanced from the granite and sand on a lease out on the Seaquist Ranch near Mason, back in 1969. I'll never forget the way he tumbled the humongous thing out onto a cup towel on my parents' dining table, along with a couple of other large chunks to make a rockhound/treasure hunter's eyes bug out. A spectacular find, and famous.

It's just like my Shawn to acquire for us this significance, considering our plan/dream of topaz hunting one of these days. Goes to show you, she will divine us a fabulous cache, pointing a magick finger where I'm to dig. Thus it is I who have found a gem extraordinaire.

Photo from utexas.edu

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