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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Expectations.....

...and I don't mean the book, I'm talking about "baggage."

Earlier this morning SGTex and I were sitting here in the office talking before we actually got down to work. He mentioned our plan to rent a car for our next extended out-of-state trip, and said we should be sure to have it all packed up, loaded with stuff to the point of nearly bursting, like we did when we made the big trip from WA to TX in 2008. He says we travel better that way. I laughed. But then, I got to thinking about it. Baggage. I came to Texas with quite a bit of it, and not all of it was particularly useful, IYKWIM ;+)....

Somebody on one of the boards once talked about the responsibility we have (or don't have) to make our life partner happy. I think both DH and I believe in making each other happy. I know he really aims to please and does a lot to make me happy and keep me that way. Every once in awhile he'll flat out ask me, "Are you happy?" Usually, it's a bit of a loaded question, because I've given a signal that I'm not.... I know it's very important to me to make him happy, and I am to do so, (or die trying, lol). Anyway, getting back to that board/bored question--the consensus was that it's our own responsibility, it's on us to make ourselves happy, and nobody else should get that involved in the process. I don't think I believe that. There's something quite important about seeing to the well-being and making the one we love feel loved. I know I really appreciate the fact that he cares about me and my ups and downs, and I do about him, and what's going on with him.

We're finally, really and truly all organized with our wedding celebration, after rescheduling and relocating and revamping everything. We actually have contracts we're signing, have the venue established, the reserved rooms for guests (and that would be a few of you out there~) so we are pretty excited. But I hear tell there might be a change in the cake flavor again--there's always something, huh?!! :+).

Anyway, this was a cute comic and I thought it appropriate, since the general gist of things around here for the next good long while is going to be about how a man loves his woman and a woman loves her man. That would be what's going on about us- my He and his Me....


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