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Friday, February 19, 2010

A 100-year-ago wedding....

It's Friday night and I've got some time on my hands....

So, having wedding planning on my mind, I went searching for some vintage photos and ran onto this picture. The claim is made that "the first white wedding picture was known to be taken November 1910 in Detroit, Michigan." I'm not sure if it's this very one, but it was interesting to me, as sometimes it feels like it's been a hundred years since we started making plans for our wedding celebration!

Plans are kinda like that, though, and I suppose most particularly weddings. We're not having the traditional ceremony or reception by any means, nothing like what we see pictured here, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been stretched <-----> budget-wise, schedule-wise, patience-wise, changing the date, the venue, the guest list, the refreshments, the officiant, the theme...just about everything except what *really* actually matters.....What's really important: The Who, the Why, the What. And I'm really, really glad about that!!


photo courtesy of: fashion-era.com/Weddings

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