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Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Valentine's Day, and I'm living with the King of Hearts...

But I can still feel for you who wish you were having a happier, more romantic holiday (you know who you are). I used to be one of those people who avoided Hallmark shops and the greeting card aisle at Albertson's when everything started bursting with red and pink hearts and ribbons and streamers. It's a lot more fun now, I don't mind telling you, as I give you a {{{hug}}} and tell you to hang in there, your day will come.

Here's how it happened at our house:

Our Valentine's holiday started a bit early this year. SGTex came home with a pretty little red rose plant and a new house key (another story there) and a sweet sticky note saying really nice things. Then a few days later he showed up with a cute stuffed monkey bearing a "Be Mine" heart. He says "it was the only simian they had left"(lol)and it sits atop my computer armoire. What I won't tell you is that he did that by way of smoothing my all-too-often-ruffled feathers. It seems I can be quite the witch, and it had not been a good day, bless his heart. Anyway, last night we went out for Chinese to celebrate SGTex's new job, and we made a last minute, late night run to Walgreen's, where we split up and picked out some Valentiney things. Being the gent that he is, SGTex ended up sending me out to the car while he stood in line and paid for it all, declaring that he wouldn't peek at his card and candy and Valentine pencils, lol. Then a coffee stop and we went home to celebrate. It was a gorgeous starry night, and by the time it was two minutes past midnight and actually February 14, he'd surprised me with a dozen pink long-stemmed roses, chocolates, sweethearts, a lovely card and pink champagne cocktails, served with his handmade ham-n-cheese rollups, all served bedside....Yeah, go ahead and sigh.

We did stop all the heartsy-flowery fun long enough for the Atlas Van Lines truck to roll up and the King helped Mr. Trucker Guy unload 1000 pounds of furniture and boxes that made the long awaited trip from Washington. Thank you, Honey. You're The Very Best!!!



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vegakitty said...

Our Valentine's Day would be a lot more romantic if George wasn't sick. He actually woke me up on Wednesday morning and asked me to drive him to the urgent care clinic. I personally think he's had pneumonia, and he's had it for awhile because he hasn't really felt well since before Christmas. However, now he's gotten some antibiotics into him, and he's doing better. We're going to wait to celebrate until after he gets well.