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Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Are you blogging, Honey?"

"Uh huh, I think so...." I'm not really sure what I'm here to say, actually. I had the urge to blog, I guess because it's a nice Sunday evening and all is well with us. I suppose I could say something about our car sitting in the Starbuck's parking lot, where it died. Well, paused, shall we say, not actually expired.....which makes me think I could say something about Urge, one of Noel's cars from long ago. (See the play on words, urge to blog, Urge the car, our car issues, yada yada. I think I've mentioned Urge before). Sigh. I told you I didn't have a lot to say.

But it's actually nice to sit here and listen to our tunes--that's fun :+). I could mention this great picture I found when searching for spring shots, and since it's such a lovely spring picture taken in the Holy Land/Japan (you Baptists out there don't be shocked--Noel is Buddhist). That's one of two locations I've always wanted to go and see the cherry blossoms, the other one being Washington DC. They're lovely in Olympia, WA on the capitol grounds there, too, but I've BTDT.

Speaking of blooms, I'd better get out there and water the hanging baskets, so that's about it for now.


photo courtesy of: Tripadvisor,Photos of Asakusa, Taito, MaySpecial/Guam

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Jack said...

I remember that Noel had a car named URGE, but I don't remember what the car looked like, what make and model.
Made me laugh to remember that.