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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So there was this deputy sheriff, a priest and some guy in a tutu….

…who appear in my dream last night.

I’ve been knocking out carbs, see, and I start dreaming. In my dream I get up from somewhere to grab a bite to eat, and the next thing I know I lay eyes upon a huge saucer with some ginormous pieces of white bread.

As I said, I’ve been knocking out carbs. Apparently in this particular state of Dreamland, it’s illegal to be in possession of *white bread.*

Enter the deputy sheriff, who informs me that since I've been caught with white bread I'm on my way to jail. I am astonished! Now, I must tell you it is small comfort when the priest steps forward and pats me on the shoulder. He then kindly explains to me that I’m going to have to surrender my Social Security card, signed in own hand with black (not blue) ink and it must be left on my bedroom dresser to be collected later.

At this point, I realize that my darling husband SGTex is at my side, who jumps up to announce, “I’ll get it for you, Honey!” (I vaguely remember giving him a sideways, withering glance, for he seemed suspiciously too enthusiastic and helpful. Hmmm. He later told me that he felt that surely he was up to something and had plans to save me from such an awful fate. Well, okay then...)

So, the priest fades out, but the guy in the tutu is still standing there staring at me with this odd look on his face as I begin to wake up.

Later when I described my dream to SGTex, he suggested that I should have just gone ahead and eaten the damn bread, because then I couldn’t be charged with possession.

Sweet dreams....


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