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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nothing profound to say, just an excuse to listen to our tunes for a bit....

...and to say "WoW!" about the redbud that was blooming around town...We don't have that up in Washington that I ever saw. I'm the consummate lover of all things tree. I absolutely adore Texas, and have been delighted with all the gorgeous specimens that adorn the streets of this city. There's something wonderful about the old, ordinary Douglas Firs back home, I know, but gee whiz, the trees in Texas are very, very special to me. I'm thrilled that the house across the street from us has a glorious redbud, right where I can look out the window and see it.

I think I made an error this evening. I wanted to do something nice for SGTex while he was out shopping for groceries and getting dinner. I washed his very old, very pretty blue hurricane lamp. I did such a thorough job of it, that I washed the blue right off the chimney. :+( I feel very awful about that...but he just called to tell me he's on his way home and maybe he won't be too unhappy with me. I hope not.

So, it's a rainy and cold Saturday evening and I should go put on a pair of his socks, but here he comes with dinner. Oh good, he wasn't mad at all. In fact, he was marvelous....and I am so in love with this man.

The lamp is tucked away safely in the china cupboard and my man is home.

All better now :+)


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