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Sunday, May 2, 2010


I had the strangest dream last night..one of those undreams.  A big old manse of a place and a wonderful kitchen with a farm sink and marble facade, more like it belonged on a fireplace, but here was this amazing structure, cool to the touch.  I remember that so vividly.  A huge wall of paned windows on the right floor to ceiling and the light pouring through.  Green, green grass lawns extending into the distance. 

Well, for some reason I decided to clean the marble and I took a rag and started to polish it with some sort of powder, and the brown streaks and shadings started to disappear and all that was left behind was the white and silver and gray, a beautiful slab of old marble with a few cracks here and there.  One more strange thing was that there was a sort of wire scrubber like we use these days and a thread of that got stuck on a nail near the floor, and I remember pulling that away. It was strange how vivid it all was.

Anyway, I was so pleased with how it turned out, I went into the attached drawing room and beckoned my friend or lover or whoever it was (I never saw a face but just knew there was someone significant there) to come see how lovely it was.  They came and saw my accomplishment and thought it looked nice, too.

So, that is all I have to say about that.

What's really going on in my mind and heart right now would be a little TMI, so I'm writing here, playing our songs at top volume and hoping while I'm doing this with one part of my mind, listening to the music blasting in another part of my mind, some control of what's left will start to creep in and I won't go totally off the deep end. 

Ever have a day like that?  Or a week?  Or a month?  Or a lifetime?

Is this blog post getting a little dark?  Maybe so.  But it's MY dark, so tread carefully.   

Perhaps this is just a bit of Beltane backdraft.


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