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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"You may all go to hell...and I will go to Texas!"

Hey, I didn't say that--Davy Crockett did.  Well, he said it first, anyway.  When I think back to the *packing up and getting me from there to here* process (what we now call the 'Meanwhile Time'), I'm almost very certainly positive I must have said words to that effect---or worse. 

Lots has changed since then, and for the better.  I remember days and weeks and months of boxes and bubble wrap and newspaper and decision making and all that goes into moving.  It makes me exhausted now to even think about it.  I'm very thankful that's all said and done.  And I did it for a Very Good Reason- the best in all the worlds ;+).

Maybe it's on my mind as we approach our 5 year mark, as it was just about now in 2005 that I began to notice someone who called himself SGTex....Hmmmm....and by the end of May-- well, it was then that SGTex and I began our Adventure....

Counting down to Jerusha Day, Mister... ;+)

P.S.  I love you, Baby.

uber cool photo courtesy of texasdarkside.com/deathstar

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