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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whatever you'd like, Honey.....

Well, shoot.
I had good intentions.....when I got up from my desk, and thought I was headed into the kitchen to take steaks out to thaw.   What I did was a few dishes, then I opened the blinds because it was all rather dim.  I played with the puppies, taught Seamus the word "bone" (well, I've started to, anyway), and wiped down the counter and put a couple of things away, shut the puppy gate and came back into the office.  SGTex looks up and says, "Hey, are you hungry?"  I'm like, "Oh darn, I meant to take steaks out to thaw....."  So now he's in the kitchen getting some late lunch together, and he's taking something out of the freezer for a late supper.  He's offered a couple of suggestions, and I'm pretty much agreeable with whatever it is, lol.  I'd better be...Just call me Ditwad.  (Is that a bad word??) 

So, what's for dinner?  We're having some "Yes, we'll have whatever you'd like, Honey......"

Well, I don't mind telling you, he's  a great, creative chef.  There have been the most amazing cookies and breads baked in our cute little kitchen, some of which are his own, personal, off-the-cuff, on-the-spot recipe.  Our midnight popcorn picnics are most always enhanced by delicious nuts that he's spiced and sweetened.   And don't get me started on the mixed drinks he's concocted.  WoW. 

The man works magic in the kitchen, etc..... So come to think of it, just call me Lucky. 

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