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Monday, August 16, 2010

If I were to ask you when's the last time you had a terrific Monday morning....

Look at this!  Isn't it absolutely fab?

Well, I love all things glass, and anything by Dale Chihuly is going to captivate my attention. 

I think I could stare at this for hours and come up with at least 40 different interpretations....and my answer, if you were to ask me how it's going, might look something like this picture, LOL.  But it's all good, right?  :+)

We had a fabulous Saturday/Sunday, and a great Monday morning, doing the wedding things we didn't have time to do before.  That's a great way to start off the week.  I'm thinking if we repeat this for the next couple of months of Mondays, we can save our weekends...We shall see. 

Our Passiflora is being methodically stripped by the Gulf Frittilary butterflies.  It's too funny!  I go outside in the morning and look at the plant.  It has leaves.  I step out there at nightfall and--yes, you guessed it.  Bare vines!  And big, orange caterpillars looking pleased with themselves, lol.  That's okay, though.  The butterflies are so beautiful and happy.  This world can use all of that we can provide....

photo courtesy of:  Mille Fiori Exhibit, Dale Chihuly Tacoma Art Museum

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