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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's your story....

...Make it beautiful.  Fill it up with what you love.  Remember what matters.  Forget what doesn't.  Have a happy life together.

That's what our very first wedding card had to say today.  Thanks, Mary and Lora.  It's quite fitting that yours should be the first, since it was in your virtual living room that we first met.  Wow...

So, what do you think of our pom poms?  Aren't they absolutely scrumptious?  We plan on hanging them in a tree at the park for our wedding ceremony....I absolutely fell for them and had to have them, when I saw them on Etsy!  Hmmm....I wonder how long it's going to take to "floof" them up and get them looking so snazzy....

I've been cutting out blue petals to make some flowers for our urns.  A very, very long blue tissue paper streamer came floating in to our front yard the other day.  SGTex rescued and gathered it up, and now it's slowly turning into some lovely blossoms :+).  We're pretty sure it was sent as a mystic gift, and we're very grateful to the sender. (You know who you are).

Other than that, everything has been coming along.  The garden is slowing down.  The pecan trees are absolutely bowed down, laden with nuts.  We're hoping they won't start to drop until after the wedding and honeymoon, lol.  SGTex has chosen his groom's cake recipe.  Nobody better light a match anywhere near it, as it's going to be Extremely Enhanced, as in ETOH, (and that doesn't necessarily have to mean "extremely trashed or hammered," but we suggest waiting until you get out of the car, at home, to try it, IYKWIM!!!)

It's just after midnight here, which means it's already tomorrow.  The weather has cooled off considerably, and I've decided that I must have acclimated pretty well, since it feels cool to me when it's still in the 80s.  Last night when I was having chills it must've been the last of the Washington wearing off completely. 

I'm thinking that's a good thing.

picture courtesy of:  PomLove on Etsy....Verse courtesy of Hallmark Connections.

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