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Monday, August 2, 2010

Squeaky doorknobs and....

Do you ever get homesick for certain sounds?

All of a sudden I miss the sound of the A/C downstairs next door at our old apartment, the squeaky sound of the glass doorknobs at my grandparents from childhood, and my all-time fav, lawnmowers in our neighborhood on summer evenings (thankfully, we have that here).  From way back it would be glass windchimes... Come October, I'll be missing the chickadees in my brambles in WA ;+) But I love the mockingbirds singing in the night, and that's right here in Texas. 

On Facebook today I posted the above, and some of our friends there shared their memories and thoughts, so I thought it might be nice to post them here, with their permission.  I didn't ask Dawn yet, and I see that she mentioned some sounds she enjoys now, too.  I forgot to mention crickets as something we have here in Texas that I love to hear.  In fact, my "first" cricket was in a dresser drawer where we were staying in Fredericksburg for Oktoberfest.  I didn't want to leave it behind when we packed up to go home, lol.

Here goes, and thanks, peeps!Frankie:  My grandmother lived in the mill village in Experiment, Georgia. I remember the sounds of the trains at night, and I do miss them. I remember the cold sheets on the bed we slept in, too. My grandparents only had a coal fireplace for heating their entire apartment. So cozy..."

Marla:  Definitely trains. My first apt. that I lived in by myself was this old, reformed Army barrack with cinderblock walls and tile floors in San Marcos. The train track was w/i 50 feet with a road crossover that demanded a hoooonnnkk. It was hard to sleep at first, but it became my comfort… walls shaking and all.”

Tabitha:  I miss hearing Monday night football and baseball that my dad would watch while I was upstairs trying to sleep. I really, really miss that. 

(I do too, Tabitha!)

Laura:  Yes, the sound of my grandma's laugh. :)

Marla:  I miss my grandpa's wood desk and the sounds that would come from his telegraph. He tittered and tattered to everyone all over the world.

Tabitha:  Oh! The sounds of the bull frogs in my grandpa's ponds when I would spend the night at their house.

Ada:  Oh, yes! My mom's ankles used to make this little creaking sound when she would be walking around the house doing her housework or what have you. When I think of that sound I can picture her pink slippers with the embroidery on them. :+)

Dawn:  Yes. The sound of money flowing into my bank account : ). One of my favorite sounds is Lucky's hrmpfy sigh, and to hear the rain on the metal carport roof. I love to nap listening to the rain : ).

I hope you enjoyed reading about sounds remembered.  Maybe this might have stirred up some of your own.... ;+) 

Shawn and friends
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