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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mood musings....

...or, what's on my mind.

I'm feeling very sorry about the passing of Amy Winehouse...and trust she will cross the river and that her path will be well-lit and soft under her feet, that she and her loved ones will be blessed and their sorrow eased.

I'm feeling confused and dismayed about the horrific occurrence in Norway. I just do not understand how something so awful can happen to so many good people with good things ahead of them. What???

I'm playing 'hide and seek' in my mind. Let's see, how shall I put this? Hey, I'm "IT" and in control, am I not? Well, soon...IOW, Shawn is going to be in control of her work and recreation and rest schedule and now she's been let off the Hammer (the. worst. ride. at. the. Fair), she's not about to grab a front seat on the damfreakin' Rollercoaster. I think you probably get what I'm saying here...

Are things good? Compared to what? Yes, the answer is "Yes," and I'm grateful. Not just because I don't have the emergent and tragic dealings of those I've mentioned above, but because my dream Came True and I've been granted some of my wishes.... and fully expect to be granted more. Hopefully, I'll have facilitated some blessing in the lives of others and be the "Come True" in someone else's dream, before this life, this time, is over.



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