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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be careful how you interpret the world...

....It is like that. ~ Erich Heller

It seems like each day that goes by there's something more to learn about life. Not just in the US of A, but now, what with Facebook and blogging, the planet ;~). We're really glad to see more and more people from more and more places (86 countries, now) have passed by the blog....

I read something yesterday and it's been on my mind, and I think it's very true. The gist of it was this: "Bless the person who walks away from you, for they're making room for those who won't." It seems that is very true.

I might interpret the "loss" of (what I thought was a) friendship or (what might have been a)relationship as a sad thing, but more often than not.... it's going to come out that it was a good thing.

That space in my life becomes occupied by someone who is actually more deserving of my regard...



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