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Monday, September 5, 2011

So, this is September....

....and it actually has cooled off a bit. Right now I'm looking at the temperature here at our house and it's 81 degrees. The air conditioner still runs on and off but we've opened some windows and it's beautiful!! We're especially thankful for that in our part of Texas, as it's not so in much of the rest of the state, what with horrific wildfires and all that goes with that.

My friend Susan was saying that someone set off some fireworks while they were at a lake the other day.... I cannot fathom why anyone would be so utterly stupid and thoughtless to do that, when all it takes is a spark to start an inferno.

But I guess I've blogged about that earlier this season. It's been a long, hot summer here.

This time of year always makes me think back to the fall in the Pacific Northwest. It's about time for The Fair, and my mother and I would always take time to visit the "flower building" and see the spectacular blooms. That's why I picked this amazing picture....

Actually, I should be outside tying up the jasmine that SGTex transplanted and giving things out there an evening drink. The jasmine has started blooming, so it should really take off now that it's "unpotted" and in the ground ;~). The fern is a "rescue" and I'm hoping it's really happy here in its new home.

We're having a couple of events this week, one of which is an anniversary (we eloped !!! 09-09-09) and my NC brother G's birthday. Happy Birthday!!!

Did I manage to keep this all sweetness & light? I hope so, as my thoughts could be described as "trail mix" at this point.

Oh, and please do remember to light a candle, say a prayer, chant and think positive thoughts for Lily, Hope and Faith and all the other black bears whose lives are threatened for the next 6 weeks or so during hunting season.

Welcome to our new friends, here on the blahg, as well as on Facebook. We're delighted to have you......



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