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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paix de mon cœur ...Vrede van my hart ...Frieden in meinem Herzen ...שלוות לבי ...Peace of my heart....

For as long as I've had this picture in my file, I've thought what an absolutely great experience it would be to participate in an event like this.... What a great day!

On the other hand, my heart tells me that, while it would have been important and all, to be a part of such a project, it might be nothing more than a project on a great day if I didn't take home some of that special feeling and apply it to my corner of the world on a day-to-day basis.

In other words, one doesn't have to be part of a peace exhibit to make a real big deal, a significant difference in this world.

And I've been thinking about conflict. There are some real problems in the world these days, not the least of which is happening right here in the USA. All the trauma and the melodrama about idealogy and who thinks what about who....who is giving their money for what and can we believe what this person says or that person? Boyhowdy.

I've decided that people tend to fight about what they fear...I've had some interesting conversations lately (and yes, I have said some angry words) on meaningful topics that can get heated in a hurry, because I actually do care and I actually do want to be understood. Sometimes, it seems like people just have a mental (or emotional or spiritual) block and can't for the life of them (us) see the other (my!) side, have a little empathy, or at least pretend to have a little sympathy, lol. Do those things really matter that much? I mean, do I really care what So-and-So thinks about my life or idea so much that I get mad and huff off ? Is What's-His-Name's problem something I care about and will I be helpful and encouraging, or...??

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. LOL!

So much to think about, it gives me a headache. It's a pick-your-battle kinda thing. Where can I do the most good? Honestly, I'm not exactly sure.

I will not pretend to disbelieve something I consider to be true, and that is this: When angry thoughts or words are spoken, a spark flies, and that wee spark is all that is needed to start something burning that takes hold....Before too long, we've got a Syria on our hands...

Peace out.......



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