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Monday, March 26, 2012

Springtime in Texas....

I guess it would be like committing a sin (if I was a believer in that) if I didn't post something about the bluebonnets here in Texas. It is the season, and they are showing themselves all over the place. This is the first year I've seen them coming up in people's lawns around town. I've been told that folks did that, but I'd not seen it until now, and I wonder if it has something to do with the drought and hot summer we had and people being worried that the bluebonnets wouldn't show up. I'm still new around here, and probably always will be, but I sure was happy to see those happy blossoms again this year.

We've been doing some picnics in the mornings and I've not seen so many blooms or heard so many birdsongs...I s'pose I should check back to last year at this time on the blog to see if I'm just saying the same old stuff all over again. LOL!

We've had a busy March. Baby Seamus hurt his eye and has been being doctored for that. It's better, we think, but it was kinda touch-and-go there for a little bit, poor little guy. He went outside on a very windy day and something blew into his eye and he ulcerated his cornea quite deeply, the worst our vet has ever seen. He's about 85% back to normal, I think. Hopefully, he'll have full vision again and be back to his happy self real soon.

Last Saturday I gave a little talk on Paganism to the Interfaith Council people and guests. That was a lot of fun. SGTex did himself up as the Green Man and was quite the pagan hottie, I must say... ;~) I was thinking that I could mess up and nobody'd notice, what with his getup and greenery, lol. The talk went well, I think, and I met lots of nice people who were very kind and hospitable. (Thanks, everyone!!)

Of course, lots of people have lots of thoughts on the situation in Florida with the Trayvon Martin killing. I hope the truth comes out and that this George Zimmerman character's bad deed catches up with him. I know it will, sooner or later, but it would be good to have some justice done in the here-and-now world and that Trayvon's family somehow has the small blessing of some answers. Nothing will bring their lost son and brother back to them, and that's what really hurts. It's beyond sad.

The other thing that bothers me (just as much as the above mess, because I am a pantheist) is the authorization by the government (or those who claim to be wildlife authorities) of killing wolves, coyotes, and now polar bears (what????) around the country. It's absolutely wrong and insane. There seems to be an all-out war on wildlife, for some reason. I do not believe in hunting for sport...just barely tolerate hunting for what is claimed to be food provision, but this other business is totally wrong. I do not understand why the sport-killers should be able to lobby and convince and pay off the so-called wildlife management people to make it legal to kill hundreds and thousands of innocent creatures (and those other unfortunate animals who are killed alongside them), in order to increase the elk herds or whatever...just so the sport hunters have a better chance of killing. Let's see, the reasoning behind that is to kill in order to increase the chance of more killing. Oh, yeah.

I'm sure that's going over real big with Gaia....


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