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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the home front....

....it's been pretty crazy.

I could stop right there and spare you the details, but why would I want to do that, now that we've arrived at the magical number "99" visiting countries for the blog? I'd hate for anyone to miss out on anything...

Actually, we don't allow the cat on the counter, and are pretty sure she makes no attempts to invade that space when we're not at home, should there be an empty spot upon which she might wish to land.

Now, the Havanese Hellpups, however, are entirely another matter. I swear the one (likely Sebastian) stands on the shoulders of his younger brother Seamus in order to reach some forbidden shiny thing, and spirit the item away to their hidden Stashaway....

Their adventures are somewhat limited lately, as on a very windy day last week Seamus must have had something blow into his eye and now he's being doctored for a corneal ulcer. He's quite pathetic, and he's not much interested in misbehaving. They were just outside for a little sunshine in the back yard and it was sooo cute how Sebastian kept trying to entice Seamus to a romp. ;~) We've been quite concerned and will be glad when he's back to his full-force naughty self...which is not really very naughty at all. Now, if it was Sebastian, I'd be afraid to wish that, lol. Actually, they're both angels and they rule.

Spring has come to our part of Texas, and we took a drive today to find some bluebonnets. I did get a glimpse of a patch just starting to bloom along the roadside, but it might be another week or two before they're all showing themselves. We have had a spectacular carpet of purple wildflowers covering lawns all over town, and that is lovely. I know I've said much about how pretty Texas is in the spring, so I shouldn't go on about it, but it is true and I do love it.

I had a birthday and am pleased to be a year younger than I was at this time last year...I'm still adjusting to not working now. I really appreciate not having to deal with that sort of stress and am grateful that SGTex has afforded me the opportunity to be a full-time housewife. I hope I'm good at it!

I guess there's nothing really exciting to report at this point, but maybe that's a good thing. I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!


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