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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How in the world....

....did it get to be mid-August?  It seems just yesterday that we put up SGTex's blog post!

We've been busy as usual, and it's been really hot here in Texas.  We've had mostly good days, with a few less-than-good days here and there, but all is well.

One sad thing was we had to say goodbye to our lovely kitty, Sasha.  She will be greatly missed by us, as well as the hellpups.  They seem to be adjusting to her absence.  I think it helps that they have each other, just as SGTex has me and I have him for comfort. 

Here's a lovely picture of the Great Wall of China.  I was interested to learn some more history and to understand a little bit of what purpose it has served through the centuries.  Sometimes a wall divides.  Sometimes a wall provides a path to follow.  Sometimes a wall keeps the bad (or good) outside and the bad (or good) inside, for whatever reason. 

It's a beautiful structure and has a fascinating story filled with drama and mystery, and I plan to read more about it. 

As time goes by here in America and we come closer to election day, it is interesting to me to watch and read and listen to what people are saying about politics.  I am seeing friendships strengthen and weaken.  New relationships are being established and old relationships are crumbling, all over politics.  It's fascinating to watch and gives me lots to think about.  Decisions are being made and words are being said that have great impact upon lives, not so much in the area of health care reform or big political issues, but in regards to feelings of worth and significance.  I'm not going to be so all-fired concerned about some of the headlines in the papers or what is on television, when my heart is hurting from unkindnesses spoken to or about me and my loved ones, because that is what really matters in the long run.


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