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Monday, August 27, 2012

While it's still Monday....

....here in Texas, I suppose I should blah blah blah on the blahg. 

I haven't done as much blogging as I used to do there, for awhile.  It's not that I've been busier, so I don't know exactly why I've not been here more often.  Maybe that will pick up now that we're getting into Autumn.  Things tend to slow down over the summer in some ways, I guess.

Well, it's election time here in the USA (no news to anybody, anywhere on the planet, likely).  I noticed a couple of things in the last day or so, and I thought I might mention it here.  Last night on CNN I watched the program about Mitt Romney.  It was an interesting show.  It was very informative and certainly gave some interesting history and kinda "fleshed him out," so to speak.  They'll be having a similar show on Barack Obama next week.

So anyway, I was noticing on Facebook after I watched the show that there was a meme that showed up on my newsfeed, stating a gross exaggeration about something in his history that totally misrepresented the facts.  I'm not going to say what it was right here, but it was fascinating and disturbing to see something presented from the liberal point of view (which I usually employ), and it was just false and distorted enough to give a totally wrong picture.  Unfair!  I don't care if it is coming from "my" side about the candidate I oppose.  It was wrong and should not be out there.  We liberals don't like it when the conservatives do it about us, ya know?  It's not that I believe that the conservatives are the ones who always do this, but I found it quite disturbing and it made me stop and think about that bit of information or comment upon which I base my political assumptions.  I'm going to try and watch out for that, from now on.


I had someone assume something about me today on Facebook.  They forgot that I'm the last person on Earth to ask for news about another friend, especially when contact has been suspended between the interested person and the person of interest.  I wouldn't tell her what I did know, and I wouldn't tell her what I didn't know.  And so she went off on me.  LOL.  I got unfriended.  The person of interest got unfriended, too.  Apparently, she wasn't so concerned after all, and we weren't worth that much to her as friends to begin with. 

There's something kinda creepy when someone gets so worked up about someone keeping to themselves and being allowed to have their privacy.

Hey, with friends like that, who needs enemies? 



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