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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I just have a thing about....

....art deco.  I've wanted to use this picture for a long time.  I love everything about it, and find it irresistibly tempting when I'm shopping for jewelry or home decor.

I also have a thing about politico/religious discussion.  It's fun to toss ideas back and forth and it's difficult to not lose patience and want to let somebody really have it for being utterly and completely stupid, or intolerant, or deceptive, or ......Yeah, I need to remember to apply my own tolerance (or lack thereof) right here at home in my heart, or head, or whichever rules at that flash point. 

Just so you know, I'm going to attempt to be really nice about all of this in the next 30+ days or so until we re-elect the POTUS.  (Yes, I'm a fan of the Obamas in the White House.  Bo doesn't like moving.)

~OBAMA 2012~

I also have a thing about change.  I know life changes and we as sentient beings are supposedly evolved to the point of being able to cope with it.  I'm not sure how well I do, though.  Oh, that's not entirely true.  I manage.  Actually, I contemplate change (for good or bad) and find myself a teensy bit (or more) uncomfortable with the thought of it.  Have you ever had that sense of dread when anticipating something?  There's a saying about anticipation being more pleasant or unpleasant than what is actually being anticipated.  Like looking forward to summer camp was almost more fun than summer camp.  LOL!  I dunno, never mind.

(The above was a hint that there's the possibility of anticipation of a change ahead, and I'm bracing myself)

I'd better stop there.

Happy Saturday, from us at home here in wet, flash-floody Texas!!


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