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Friday, November 16, 2012

...and we're back.....

......after the election.

...delighted to report that the Obamas are still the First Family, and Bo is the First Dog ;~).

That is like the best news ever, for us! 
I can't wait for the Inauguration in January.

So, as I was saying, things at the White House are much the same as they were before.  Things at our house are only nearly the same as they were before....SGTex is about to embark on a renewed career as an RN.  I'm excited for him.  What will I be doing?  Oh, I'll be continuing to develop my role as an aspiring "domestic goddess" (stay-at-home wife with the Hellpups here at the house).  We're looking forward to that all taking shape. 

It will be really and truly happy holidays if all our wishes and dreams about this stuff comes true....

The United States of America is still "one nation," despite of what you may have heard.  There are some crazy people out there and they seem to feel that it's time to pout and rebel and wreak some domestic havoc if they can.  Secessionists really need to simmer down and rethink their strategy before somebody takes them seriously and starts taking names...if ya know what I mean.  (eyeroll)
I realize that there are all kinds of people in a nation that allows freedom of thought and expression of that thought, but there are those who would take it too far, and that seems to be the case with these folks.  So many of them aren't really the brightest bulbs in the box.  In other words, they just seem to get stirred up by this awful thing called "talk radio."  That's where people sit and listen while knot-heads do the talking, and the people who are doing the listening are obviously not much in the "smarts department," nor are the talkers.  LOL!  Poor dears, as my husband says.... Stay tuned.  Might as well.  What the hell.  (another eyeroll)

Anyway, I said all that to say this:  We'll be just fine.  The majority of the people voted in President Obama again.  I repeat:  Yay!!!!  Gas prices have gone down a bit.  The lights are still on.  This is still the land of opportunity and the creek ain't gonna rise that high.  The Atlantic seaboard that got gobsmacked by the Atlantic Ocean in Big Storm Sandy will recover and be all right.  People will get the help they need and go back to work.  New things will happen.  Old stuff will crumble and fall away and something better will come along, just like it always has.  Why?  Precisely because we are the United States of America, and there's still room for the sad, the bad, the good and the glad.  I like how that works.


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