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Friday, December 7, 2012

Our blue marble....

This famous "Blue Marble" shot represents the first photograph in which Earth is in full view. The picture was taken on December 7, 1972, as the Apollo 17 crew left Earth’s orbit for the moon. With the sun at their backs, the crew had a perfectly lit view of the blue planet.

Nationalgraphic.com  Milestones In Space Photography   Photograph courtesy NASA Johnson Space Center

It's been 40 years since this picture was taken, and I have to think:  How nicely have we been playing with our blue marble? 
Since 1972, we've learned a lot about the environment and have a better idea of what we can do to preserve the planet and make our air and water and soil more pure.  We've got a better idea of what we can do politically.  We're able to know, as it happens, what happens.  If I were to stick a pin in this picture, I could pin the spot where people were caring and giving help and aid to preserve wildlife.

 I could pin the spot (Taiji cove in Japan, for example) where people are ignoring those who care and are herding, chasing, tormenting, trapping and slaughtering dolphins and whales....mostly for food and once in awhile for the sport and entertainment of others.  (Hey, Japan!  How'd you like that earthquake?  Everybody okay over there?  You've had 2 warnings from the planet to knock it off.....Pay attention!!)

Or how about Syria?  Would someone please explain to me the mentality behind making war on your own people, please.  Oh.  It just cannot be explained.  I thought not.

Yeah, there are a few things happening around this world which give me some grief, but that's NOTHING like the grief the perpetrators who make war on this planet and those who live upon it will be receiving when their time comes.

And it will.

Mark my words.


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