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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If that isn't nice....

....what is?

 The other day on Facebook somebody came along with a meme stating "If that isn't nice, what is?"  I thought some of my friends might have something to say about that.  Not too many obliged, but I'll post those that shared their thoughts.  I bet they thought I'd forgotten, heh heh.

I started it off:
"Me:  Dancing in the kitchen to rock-n-roll with the Havapups just a minute ago.
Sylvia:  Me with my head fixing to hit the pillow. Too easy. Ronnie and I sometimes call our bed "Betty" and we tell her we love her.  Or another one is, when Vanna see's me at the store when she is with her Mom and says "Grandma" and clings to me like a little monkey. It feels like we are one body when she holds me that tight. If that isn't nice I don't know what is!
Elizabeth:  A nice day at the beach, good book in hand, listening to the waves breaking, children laughing, and the gulls in flight.
Maureen:   Wrapped up in hubby's arms. The best place in the world.

Julia:  A lazy day curled up with the hubby and fur-kids... Feeling the love!"
I was hoping for more contributions, but perhaps people were bored with my stuff or just not in that sort of mood.  ;~)

Today's a big day around here, with all the Prop 8 and DOMA downfall happenings.  Texas has been rockin' and rollin' over some issues and Senator Wendy is a hero for many of us.  You can't get the liberals completely down for long, in spite of what the conservative fundamentalists like to think.  Hah.  Some people have a real funny definition of "equality" and mistake the Holy Bible for the Constitution.  Well, they're wrong.  Anyway,  it's all over the Internet, so I don't need to go into details here.  Suffice it to say that "politics" is what's for dinner in America.

It's hot and sunny out there, and I have boxes to pack and tomorrow's dinner to prepare.  The Mr is on his way home from work eventually, so I'd better get to gettin'.

Toodles ~


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