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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Okay, thank you!! Good bark!! What is bothering you boys?

The Mister is working tonight (all night!) and I'm here with the Havanese Hellpups.  For some reason they've been set on high alert and it's been nothing but "yip, yip, ruff, bark" all night long.

Actually, they're nice company for each other and for me, too, while they're glamping in the kitchen.  And of course, the neighborhood dogs out there started it all.  It's a good thing to know we're in good paws here in our funny little neighborhood and all is well here in the Love Shack.  It would have been better if my Man had been able to come home after the planned short shift instead of being Mr Super RN pulling an all-nighter, but they threw money at him and he's a really good sport.



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