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Friday, January 15, 2010

On Haiti....

I was searching for a picture to go with some thoughts here about Haiti, and couldn't find anything that actually showed what I felt I had to say. Was it Anderson Cooper the other night who said something about the camera lens being too small? I think maybe it was. I thought this was a beautiful work of art and wanted to share it here.

Anyway, we've been watching CNN and like everyone else, we're greatly moved and saddened by the misery and devastation. We truly wish we had the resources of time and energy and finances to give, and offer our prayers for those dear people with such a great need. Those who survive have much to endure. Their lives have been forever changed....

Picture courtesy of: The Haiti Art Cooperative, a network of non-profit projects with programs in Haiti serving Haiti's poor, including persons deported, streetchildren, orphans, students, persons in need of medical care and families.

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