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Friday, May 14, 2010

Májiàng, Majiang, Mah Jong, Mah Jongg, Mahjongg....

....is a game I've always wanted to play for the longest time, and I've wanted authenticity, more like the American 1920s parlor version. 

Give me a lace cloth-covered table, and let me sit, gossiping with other bored-looking, beautifully dressed modern women, drinking martinis with pretended indifference, all the while contemplating my strategy, lazily fingering the beautiful, delicate tiles with perfectly manicured hands.  Now that's one way to spend an afternoon (if you've nothing better to do, that is--;+) thankfully, I do! lol)

For the longest time I've shopped the antique stores and eBay, searching for a set from the past, and they're either too pricey, have to come all the way from the Orient, or they're missing some tiles or instructions.  I finally did find a site online where I might, someday, if I'm lucky, be able to acquire a nice set, and then learn to play, perhaps gathering a group of like-minded, Mah Jongg-lover types with nothing better to do on an afternoon.  Or evening, when they can bring their men along.

But meanwhile, back at the desk, I guess authenticity isn't allothat, so I'll just settle for the online I'net version.  It's simpler, free, quite sufficiently mind-numbing, and one doesn't have to get all dressed up to go do it.  Besides, I really can't stand gossip, actually do prefer my husband's company to that of a bunch of bored/boring women, and I prefer mint juleps to martinis....

photo courtesy of ubcvault.ca

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