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Monday, February 28, 2011

....something, something, something...at the Brown Derby anymore...

Oh, hi.

Yesterday morning SGTex and I were spending a typical Sunday morning, just laying around. For some reason, a favorite actress of mine came to mind, as did one of her funny stories about The Brown Derby.....and I cannot, for the life of me, find the story/joke, anywhere, other than the fact that Clarke Gable proposed to her in a Brown Derby phone booth, a few nice Brown Derby drink recipes, and stuff about their Cobb salads.

As usual, my search for all of that led me to other interesting facts and stories about Carole Lombard (and Mr. Gable), along with some of her most fascinating and insightful quotations.

As you know by now, I'm nuts about quotes and am very apt to drop one here and there, whenever I think it might be appropriate or useful or interesting. Sometimes they're well-received, sometimes they're not. But this is about Carole, and she really did have a way of telling a good story and her thoughts and ideas seem quite wise and practical.

Some of what she had to say pertained to a woman living and working in what was called "a man's world." I'm not so sure it's a "man's world" anymore, but I suspect I'd have been more comfortable in some ways back in those days, when the lines were less blurred. I wonder if we lived more like the way they lived then, we'd have less conflict and wear and tear on relationships.... She talked about a woman's intuition vs a man's sense of logic, the former being just as necessary and valuable as the latter...hmm. I agree. It seems that she realized that a woman is way more interesting when she's busy doing something useful and has something to contribute to those around her, is more fulfilled and has a sense of purpose. Yeah, Carole, I believe that. She suggested that women not be afraid of work, that they be industrious and have something to do besides being a woman who just sits around and gossips and causes trouble. She used the term "catty" for that type of woman. (But that's insulting to cats!! heh)

There are many, many other things that she had to say about her life and times, and as you can imagine, I'm going to enjoy reading and thinking about what she thought. Hopefully I'll pick up some good tips and learn something to apply in my own life, in my own love.

I guess what I admire about her is that she was a lovely woman who was smart, funny (and she threw a helluva party), she worked really hard (some years starring in as many of 5 or 6 films- and they were good ones). She obviously was a thinker. She followed some of the rules, bent some of the rules, broke some of the rules, and managed to do it all while still maintaining her "ladyness."

Ego integrity--that's what my man, SGTex would call it.


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